We ask you to support our expanding organization, your donation will increase our outreach, activities and capabilities. Your donation will help expand the regional structure, increase police support & visits to our men and women in uniform and will improve our capability to spread our message at peaceful pro-police rallies and other events.  Proceeds will also be used to fund vital voter outreach and education programs, ensuring that voices consistent with the ideals of law and order are duly represented in local, state and national governments.


Your donations are not used for salaries, wages, bonuses or anything of that sort. Your donations are used exclusively for the activities mentioned above. 


As an existing member of the group we understand that you may not be able to attend the local rallies in support. This is why we ask for your financial donation in order to assist the people who are able to participate and spread our mutually shared believes, ideals and goals.


Blue Tuesday thanks you for your donation!

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