Free Speech for Kids

As our children head back to their classrooms for a new school year that coincides with one of the most heated political environments our nation has ever seen, they’re facing a brand-new threat as narrowminded educators and school boards embrace a toxic cancel culture designed to silence young dissidents of their agenda by taking away their freedom of speech.

Wild Leaf: Chess by Rubén Gallego

The “Chess” is the second book of Rubén David González Gallego. It was first published in Russian under the title “I am sitting on the shore.” In 2019 this book won the Best European Book (Fiction) at the first-ever European Chess Award Ceremony.

10 Worst Colleges for free speech

Since 2011, FIRE has named and shamed 65 individual colleges and universities as America’s worst for free speech. Some — we’re looking at you Harvard, DePaul, and Syracuse — are regulars and have appeared four or five times. Others have slunk away in embarrassment after being listed. But all have one thing in common: They had the chance to do the right thing when it came to free speech, but chose otherwise.

Responses to our emails

We have received responses from the emails sent to the Holocaust memorial resource education center of Florida

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