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Dear concerned parents and grandparents,

As the new school year coincides with one of the most heated political environments our nation has ever seen, our children are facing a brand-new threat as narrowminded educators and school boards openly embrace a toxic cancel culture designed to silence young dissidents of their agenda.

Our kids need to know that they have a God-given right to voice their opinions, and they need to learn how to deal with “authorities” who wish to silence them. That’s why we created a new gift bundle, which features “The Kids Guide to Free Speech & Cancel Culture” and the latest issue of the brand-new EverBright Kids magazine.


The Kids Guide to Free Speech & Cancel Culture will help your kids learn how we couldn’t have our democracy without the freedom of speech, and how it’s one of the most vulnerable rights we have as Americans. As an extra bonus, your kids will enjoy unlimited access to “The Constitution & The Bill of Rights” streaming video lesson and digital workbook from Learn Our History!

What’s more, the special issue of EverBright Kids magazine will help your kids celebrate their freedom as Americans and enjoy oodles of great content and activities that will keep them entertained for hours!

The gift bundle is yours for free. You just need to pay $1 s&p each for the Kids Guide and the magazine with this special offer. To learn more and to order this free Patriotic Gift Bundle, just tap the button below to get started.

If you’re as concerned about the attack on our God-given rights as I am, you’ll want the kids in your family to read The Kids Guide to Free Speech and Cancel Culture. Order this free Gift Bundle now by tapping any button on this page.


Mike Huckabee

Co-Founder, The Kids Guide and Learn Our History

P.S. Remember—Our kids need to know how their right to free speech cannot be taken away by anyone—even as authority figures push their cancel culture on America. Help your kids find their voice and order your free gift bundle now!

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