We the People NY Group, believe we have built a community that is based on love, respect, safety, and unity for the benefit for all. With open arms, hearts, and minds, we welcome anyone who wants to become part of our community.


In uniting people together on our founding principles, our hope is that we can make the world a happier, more respectful, and safer place. By uniting people and businesses, we believe in our hearts that our members will have a more fulfilling personal and professional life. The goals we have set forth come with great responsibility, which we do not take lightly. When the masses band together by uniting our wills, then our community becomes stronger. With this strength, we can all accomplish great things together.

The founders of We the People NY Group throughout their lives have seen people spend their lives only working for money and personal gain. Life is too short to go through life with only the purpose of making money. Therefore, the founders wanted to reach out to the people to build a community that helps the members prosper with each other all while doing good for the community as a whole.

Moreover, We the People NY Group believe that technology has invaded every aspect of our personal and professional lives; which has led to the degradation of our humanity. This notion is demonstrated by taking a lesson from the generations that came before us who had less technology and material belongings in their daily lives. These generations had a higher sense of purpose, and community, which led to a more fulfilled personal and professional life existence.

We believe the time has come to revert to the belief system of a higher purpose for the betterment of our community as a whole. We are accomplishing this by uniting the people with trust, love, respect, safety, and unity. In turn, this will create a happy, healthy, safe, respectful, and prosperous community by working together for the common good of the people, by the people.

We The People, From The People, To The People.

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